User Guide

1. Setting up the system

  1. There are a number of prerequisites to setup a fully functional event system and site. These are generally called setup data and they need to be created before an event could be setup.
  2. The setup data are managed via the top menu. The menus involved are as follows.

2. Setup an event

  1. Create an event to start off.
  2. Click manage from the events list to manage everything that has to do with an event.

3. Manage an event

  1. Click the event title from the events list to manage the event details and appearance of your event site.
  2. Create programs for your event.
  3. Create products for your event.
  4. Add partners & associates to your event.
  5. Create contents for your event site.
  6. Create email contents to communicate with your event attendees.
  7. Create surveys to get feedbacks from your event attendees.
  8. Sell tickets for your event.
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